‘A rainy day brings with it a heavenly soundtrack that washes every hue into a strong and soulful vibrancy’ – A. Abraham

The rain pattered gently against the windows of the Dangee Carken Showroom, providing the perfect soundtrack to the evening’s events. A collaboration between the ladies footwear brand Rock and Co and musician Gigi Lamayne. The two forces came together to create a magical evening
for guests, who were treated to delicious snacks and drinks throughout the night. The event co-ordinators themed the event around the rain, with guests encouraged to dress in their edgiest outfits to match the mood. The night was dark and stormy, the perfect setting for an intimate evening of music and fashion making for an unforgettable evening.

Why the Collab?

The collaboration between Rock and Co and Gigi Lamayne is one that is built on a shared understanding of the importance of art and self-expression. Rock and Co is a brand that understands that artists are more than their music. Gigi Lamayne appreciates that the brand supports and encourages women, by giving them the opportunity to shine with the right shoes for every occasion. As Marlyn Monroe once said, ‘give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world’. Gigi aimed to create a shoe that was comfortable, affordable and, pushes boundaries fashionably.

The event also featured a short performance by Gigi and some extremely talented dancers. The show was full of energy and inspiring moments. Later on, Gigi invited everyone to a Q&A session where they could really get to know her better by understanding where she came from and how she had become the famous hip hop artist that we know and love. Aside from making a difference, Gigi strives to leave a lasting impression on others thus the collaboration.

Word on the street is that people are talking about the recent launch of Gigi Lamayne’s shoe line collaboration with Rock and Co. It’s been reported by multiple media outlets, including Kaya 959, Sunday World, The South African, and Slikouronlife. This is a huge deal for Lamayne, who is the first South African rapper to launch her own line of shoes. IOL and Sahiphopmag and briefly have discussed the importance of this collaboration and why it is so important to Lamayne. Gigi is making history and honoring her mom by working with a company that believes in empowering women.

Rock and co is a proud part of the Dangee Carken family
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